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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #571 - Jan 21, 2013 )

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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #571 - Jan 21, 2013 )

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Project News

NetBeans Plugin: Velocity Editor Support

A plugin providing VTL (Velocity Template Language) editor support--syntax-error highlighting, code folding, and braces matching--for the NetBeans IDE.


Using EJB Lite and JPA in a Java SE Application

EJB Lite is a subset of the features of EJB 3.1. An embeddable enterprise bean container supports EJB Lite and can run within a Java SE application in the same JVM. So one can run EJB outside an application server and a Java SE client can access the EJB locally. In this tutorial, you will develop a Java SE client that invokes a stateless EJB which is running in an embedded container in the same JVM as the Java client.

From Database to RESTful Web Service to HTML5 in 10 Minutes

Learn to expose data from a database via a JAX-WS RESTful web service and to consume the service in an HTML5 application, using HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS.

Video: Build Java Applications for Mobile Devices

Learn to build native applications for all mobile devices using Java and NetBeans IDE.

Video: Entity Beans with NetBeans and Derby

An introductory look at developing entity beans using NetBeans IDE, Derby and JPA.


Meet a NetBeans Community Member: Ann Maybury

Ann Maybury is 75 years old and has been involved in all phases of software production for over 50 years. Here she shares her computing history and usage of the NetBeans IDE and NetBeans Platform as the basis of her golf scheduling software.


Benefits of NetBeans as a Drupal IDE

The top 10 benefits to using NetBeans IDE for Drupal development.

Troubleshooting Tools Part 1: VisualVM

VisualVM, built on the NetBeans Platform, is discussed in the WebLogic Server blog.


New PrimeFaces CRUD Generator Blog

Follow Kay Wrobel's new blog on SourceForge, focused on his PrimeFaces CRUD generator for NetBeans IDE.

NetBeans-Praxis LIVE Dark Theme

Praxis developer Neil C. Smith dabbles with the "dark arts" and creates a plugin that adds the Praxis LIVE look-and-feel to NetBeans IDE.

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