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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #582 - Apr 08, 2013 )

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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #582 - Apr 08, 2013 )

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Project News

Ruby and Rails for NetBeans IDE 7.3

Congratulations to Tom Enebo and the NetBeans Ruby community for completing the hard work involved in the latest release of the Ruby and Rails plugin. Now available on the NetBeans Plugin Portal, you can try it in NetBeans IDE 7.3 today!

Plugin: PHP WordPress Blog/CMS

The plugin provides New Wordpress Project wizard, create themes, hyperlink navigation and code completion for filter and action functions.


Java EE 7 and JAX-RS 2.0

Java EE 7 with JAX-RS 2.0 brings several useful features, which further simplify development and lead to the creation of even more-sophisticated, but lean, Java SE/EE RESTful applications. Let Adam Bien explain it all for you in this new full blown tutorial!

New Usages of the NetBeans Platform

The infrastructure of NetBeans IDE, i.e., the NetBeans Platform is being used in even more scenarios than previously thought, including as the basis of vending machine software, aquatic informatic software, systems biology software, and robotic software.


Jarda Tulach on the Slopes

Tinu from the NetBeans Team has started a new blog. After introducing herself in her first blog entry, she reports on NetBeans API architect Jaroslav Tulach's recent adventures.

Acteur: New Pattern and Framework for Web Applications

NetBeans Dream Team member Tim Boudreau, after doing some work with Node.js, wanted to find a way to get some of the goodness of its programming model for Java. Read on to find out what happened next!


Java SE 8 Lambda Quick Start

image This Oracle by Example (OBE) provides an introduction to lambda expressions included in Java SE 8. An introduction to anonymous inner functions is provided, followed by a discussions of functional interfaces and the new lambda syntax. Then, examples of common usage patterns before and after lambda expressions are shown.

Video: Working with CSS Style Sheets in HTML5 Applications in NetBeans IDE

A screencast that demonstrates how to use the NetBeans IDE to create and edit CSS in an HTML5 application.

Video: Code Formatting Features in the NetBeans IDE

This screencast demonstrates some important formatting features in the NetBeans IDE.

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