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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #585 - Apr 29, 2013 )

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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #585 - Apr 29, 2013 )

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Project News

HTML5 Development in Java EE and PHP Projects

The NetBeans Web Client Team discusses, in their blog, new tools being developed for working with HTML5 in Java EE and PHP projects.

Plugin: PHP WordPress Blog/CMS

Get started with WordPress in the IDE, via a New Wordpress Project wizard, themes, hyperlink navigation, code completion, and more!


Getting More Out of the NetBeans Debugger

The NetBeans debugger is one the top features that Hermien Pellissier simply cannot live without! She reports on a new feature she discovered: "Variable Formatters".

JavaFX in the NetBeans Menubar and Toolbar

Replacing your NetBeans Platform GUI components with JavaFX got a lot simpler in the last few days, as more instructions have come out explaining how to do so, from menubar to toolbar to wizard and explorer view.

Airport Management on the NetBeans Platform

Read how the NetBeans Platform is enabling collaboration between airport management stakeholders, including airports, air traffic control, airlines, ground handlers, and authorities.


1 July 2013: JayDay Munich

JayDay 2013 is coming! The organisers have thought a long time about how to can make JayDay even better. The solution -- more rockstar speakers, more topics, more choice through more tracks run in parallel… simply more JayDay!


News on Java Certification

We regularly receive quite a few questions about certifications for Java. What’s available? What’s changed? Should I bother to get certified? Am I still certified? Do I need to take training to get certified? I talked to Kate Jones of the Certification Team at Oracle University to get your questions answered.

JayDay 2013: Bigger and More Java

Tinu interviews Toni Epple all about JayDay 2013, to be held in Munich on 1 July this year.

NetBeans Podcast #64: HTML5 and NetBeans IDE

In this podcast, we focus on HTML5 tools in NetBeans IDE 7.3. Podcast Guests: David Konecny, Tushar Joshi, Atul Palandurkar.


Leveraging Third-Party Libraries to Create and Deploy Applications to Oracle Cloud

image In this tutorial, you create and deploy an application that leverages the open source PrimeFaces JavaServer Faces (JSF) component suite library. JSF was designed to allow developers to create new components while leveraging the JSF life cycle, managed beans, and expression language. As a result, simply by adding a third-party library to your project, you can create a completely different look and feel and add functionality beyond the core JSF libraries.The NetBeans integrated development environment (IDE) supports PrimeFaces out of the box. It is easy to create, deploy, and test applications that use the component suite directly with a local Oracle WebLogic Server instance and remotely with Oracle Cloud.

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