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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #601 - Aug 19, 2013)

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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #601 - Aug 19, 2013)

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Project News

Take the NetBeans IDE 7.3 Satisfaction Survey!

The NetBeans team needs your feedback about your experience using NetBeans IDE 7.3 or its update release, NetBeans IDE 7.3.1. Are you getting the best coding experience when using NetBeans IDE 7.3 or NetBeans IDE 7.3.1? Are there features or enhancements the NetBeans team should consider in future releases? Let us know!

Plugin: NetBeans CSV Editor

The NetBeans CSV Editor plugin provides a handy graphical editor for CSV files.


Java EE 7 Technical Kit

The Java EE 7 Technical Kit is a bundle of in-depth material that brings developers quickly up to speed on the many new and updated features available in the platform.

10 Steps to Happiness with Scala and NetBeans IDE

A step by step procedure for install Scala support in NetBeans IDE 7.3.1. The article also shows how to open the examples from the Scala distribution into NetBeans IDE. A follow up article shows how to work with the Lift framework in NetBeans IDE.

ExtJs, JSON-P, and Java Web with NetBeans IDE

In a previous article, Constantin Drabo demonstrated how to build an ExtJs application. In the latest article in the series, he shows the content of a small patient management application using ExtJs as client-side framework and Java web with Spring framework on the server-side.


Updates for Benno Markiewicz Plugins

Benno Markiewicz reports on having updated his plugin "Close All Documents From This Project"/"Close All Documents From Other Projects", as well as his plugin to open the tracked GIT branch in the WebUI of the repository hoster you cloned from.

Video Tip: Enable or Disable Line Numbers in NetBeans IDE

A quick tip showing how to work with line numbers in the IDE.


Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 7: Validating a Method with Bean Validation 1.1

image This tutorial covers how to use method and return value validations, which are new features in Bean Validation 1.1 of Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 7 (Java EE 7). It also covers how Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI) is supported by the Bean Validation components, such as ConstraintValidator.

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