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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #605 - Sept 17, 2013)

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Microservices! They are everywhere, or at least, the term is. When should you use a microservice architecture? What factors should be considered when making that decision? Do the benefits outweigh the costs? Why is everyone so excited about them, anyway?  Brought to you in partnership with IBM.

Project News

NetBeans Day Update: James Gosling, Kirk Pepperdine, and More!

image During NetBeans Day, watch performance problems being identified and solved with James Gosling, Kirk Pepperdine, and Glenn Holmer sharing their experiences using the NetBeans Profiler, and other power tools that NetBeans IDE provides for free, in their daily development tasks.

Plugin: Additional Java hints for NetBeans IDE

"Join literals", "Copy joined literals to clipboard", "Split the String on linebreaks", and more! Benno Markiewicz provides a new set of Java hints for easy usage in NetBeans IDE.


4 things to do this week if you are attending JavaOne 2013

Mark Stephens from idrSolutions provides 4 great hints for getting up and running effectively during JavaOne 2013!

JavaOne 2013: Brain Hacking with Java

The "Java Mind Reader" session at Java One 2013 explains how to use Java open source tools for signal processing, visualization, and recognition. It gives general guidelines on signal recognition and a demo of how to use the Java neural network framework Neuroph for signal classification.


Java EE and NetBeans 7 Video Course - Author Interview with David Heffelfinger

image Six-time author David Heffelfinger ventures into new territory with a video course about Java EE development and NetBeans 7. Find out how Heffelfinger uses the new course to demonstrates the latest Java EE technologies and APIs supported by NetBeans IDE.

Java in Africa Series: Mark Clarke, Jozi JUG

Mark Clarke is a founding member of Jozi JUG, the largest and most active Java User Group in South Africa. In this first interview in a series about Java developers and communities in Africa, Clarke addresses the developer culture in South Africa and the opportunities available through free software such as Java.

Social Translation of a NetBeans Platform Application

How to get your developer community involved in the translation of your NetBeans Platform application? Enrico Scantamburlo investigates the options and gives you the results.


Java EE 7: Applying JSF 2.2 Faces Flows in a Web Application

image This tutorial covers the steps required to apply the Java Server Faces 2.2 (JSF 2.2) Faces Flow feature in a customer registration procedure for a web application.

Java EE 7: Using the JAX-RS Client API to Consume RESTful Web Services

image In this tutorial you create a sticker story web application in which users can collaborate to create a story by dragging images into a book or canvas. When a sticker is dropped onto the canvas, it is rendered in all other web browsers that are connected to the server.

Discover how the Watson team is further developing SDKs in Java, Node.js, Python, iOS, and Android to access these services and make programming easy. Brought to you in partnership with IBM.


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