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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #619 - Dec 23, 2013)

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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #619 - Dec 23, 2013)

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NetBeans Support for JavaFX for iOS is Out!

The NetBeans IDE 7.4 plugin enabaling JavaFX development for iOS is available for testing. It contains two template applications: one traditional HelloWorld and one more complex with nice animations, called GoldenFish.


Interview: Vaadin Team on NetBeans IDE

"Looks like NetBeans IDE is really getting some traction over here," wrote Sami Ekblad from the Vaadin team. Read the interview with him for more details!

Josh Juneau: My Five Favorite NetBeans IDE Features!

Java EE expert Josh Juneau reports on the great support for Maven, version control tools, and HTML5 development in his article on his 5 favorite NetBeans IDE features.

Mark Stephens: My Five Favorite NetBeans IDE Features

Mercurial and the clean user interface of NetBeans IDE are some of the favorite features that Mark Stephens from IDRSolutions shares in an article on his five favorite NetBeans IDE features.


Aspose Team Announces NetBeans Aspose Plugin

The Aspose team announces that the NetBeans Aspose plugin has passed NetBeans community verification for NetBeans IDE 7.4 and is now available in the NetBeans Plugin Manager.


Java EE 7: Implementing JMS 2.0 Shared Subscriptions in the Java SE Environment

image This tutorial covers how to implement Java Message Service 2.0 (JMS 2.0) shared nondurable subscriptions and shared durable subscriptions in the Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) environment.

Working with Java Embedded 8 by Using the Raspberry Pi Series

image In this series of tutorials, learn how to write Java Embedded applications and how to create circuits and connect them to the Raspberry Pi to sense a change in a switch, light an LED, read the current temperature and barometric pressure, determine your location using a GPS device, and more!


NetBeans Community Tweets: @zgahemigks7

Another best set of tools to develop and run Android projects: Android SDK, NetBeans IDE, and the NetBeans Android plugin.

NetBeans Community Tweets: @sone12twitt

Just felt in love with #NetBeans. My favorite code editor right know. #PHP #joomla

NetBeans Community Tweets: @amanmanglik

Loving the integration of @googlechrome with @netbeans. Specially the css update from chrome devtools to source file in netbeans. Brilliant!


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