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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #620 - Dec 30, 2013)

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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #620 - Dec 30, 2013)

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NetBeans Plugin: JRebel

JRebel allows developers to see changes made to code without needing to redeploy. With the NetBeans JRebel plugin, NetBeans users can continue to use the debugging facilities of NetBeans to debug JVM applications that use JRebel.


Video: StrikeIron and NetBeans IDE

A quick demo on getting started with StrikeIron services in NetBeans.

ExtJS 4.2, Spring MVC 3.2.4, and Maven Using NetBeans IDE

This tutorial walks you through how to implement a CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) DataGrid using ExtJS 4.2, Spring MVC 3.2.4 and Maven with NetBeans IDE.

Tech Tip: Determining JSF Implementation and Version

Greenville JUG leader John Yeary shares a simple way to determine JSF implementations and versions.


Java EE Trainings with Adam Bien - March 2014

Polish your Java EE skills at Adam Bien's intensive Java EE training series in Munich. A new round of workshops starts in March 2014. Seats are filling up fast!


Why NetBeans IDE is Great for Teaching Java (Part 4)

The article series continues with Tushar Joshi, a Software Architect and NetBeans Dreamteam member, describing the benefits of using the NetBeans IDE to teach software development.

Introduce Java Programming to Kids

Can software development be taught to children? In this Parleys.com video, find out how Minecraft, a multiplayer game, is being used to teach programming concepts to children.


NetBeans Community Tweets: @chili_h

I love #netbeans amazing, predictive code completion especially in mixed language environments.

NetBeans Community Tweets: @devronbaldwin

Going to have to get into using SASS. I see @netbeans automatically supports it, once again proving it's the champion of IDEs.

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