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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #625 - Feb 03, 2014)

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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #625 - Feb 03, 2014)

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Project News

Vote for the 21st NetBeans Governance Board!

The NetBeans Governance Board election kicks off with a group of fantastic community nominees who now need your vote. The voting period runs through midnight, Monday, February 17th in the last time zone.


YouTube: Smart Migration to JDK 8

Don't know where to start with JDK 8? Here's a complete kit of info getting you in the right frame of mind for upgrading your code to leverage the Java 8 language changes.


Getting Started with Lambdas in NetBeans IDE

Brett Ryan outlines some experiments he's been working on to get familiar with the Streams API in Java 8.

NetBeans IDE and PrimeFaces

The PrimeFaces team highlights new features in NetBeans 8 for developing PrimeFaces applications quickly and easily.

NetBeans IDE and Vaadin

"NetBeans excels at least in Maven support and JPA features," writes Matti from the Vaadin team, in a new article about the Vaadin plugin for NetBeans IDE.


Monetizing the NetBeans Plugin Portal?

Robert Liguori outlines a new idea he's been thinking about for some time -- how to energize the development of NetBeans plugins by making it possible for them to be sold via the NetBeans Plugin Portal.

My Five Favorite NetBeans IDE Features

Distraction Free mode, PrimeFaces, and more... author and consultant David Heffelfinger reveals his 5 favorite features in NetBeans IDE.

Why NetBeans IDE is Great for Teaching Java

Johannes Weigend, lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Rosenheim, Germany, explains why and how NetBeans is a good tool to use when teaching Java.


Jfokus: Apples and Oranges, Highlights of Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA and NetBeans IDE

5 February: attend a Jfokus session comparing NetBeans IDE with Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA. Not a "shoot out", but a balanced comparison!

Vaadin/NetBeans JavaEE Webinar

3 April: the Vaadin team and NetBeans team present a webinar together on developing Vaadin applications, using the new NetBeans Vaadin plugin created by the Vaadin team. Sign up today!

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