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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #641 - May 27, 2014)

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What every Java engineer should know about microservices: Reactive Microservices Architecture.  Brought to you in partnership with Lightbend.

Project News

NetBeans Podcast 69 - The Embedded Edition

Oracle Technology Evangelists Terrence Barr and Simon Ritter discuss the Java 8 Embedded platform, the differences between SE and ME Embedded, and free trainings offered by Oracle.


Java ME 8 Samples and Demo Code

Terrence Barr highlights a collection of resources to get developers started with Java ME 8.

Video: Drag and Drop in NetBeans

A demo showing the use of NetBeans' drag-and-drop functionality to easily create graphical user interfaces.

Grails Development in NetBeans IDE

A quick start to Grails in NetBeans IDE in 5 simple steps.

Hippo CMS and NetBeans IDE

Hippo CMS is a Java-based open-source content management system that lets developers create dynamic and personalized content experiences. Learn to get started with Hippo CMS in NetBeans IDE.


Why NetBeans IDE is Great for Teaching Java (Part 6)

Milen Petrov of Sofia University, Bulgaria, reviews features in NetBeans IDE such as GUI prototyping, refactoring, source code generators and more that make learning to program easier, more productive and enjoyable for students.


Java ME Embedded Survey

A super short survey--only two questions! Let the Java Embedded team know what type of developer you are and your interest (if any) in Embedded development.

NetBeans Community Tweets: @sarkarankur1

NetBeans just keeps getting better and better, the IDE looks awesome with PHP, HTML5 support and AngularJS.

NetBeans Community Tweets: @AdamBien

I answered yesterday a question at #geecon "I'm using #netbeans 80%" of the time". I was wrong: I'm using #netbeans about 95% of the time.

Microservices for Java, explained. Revitalize your legacy systems (and your career) with Reactive Microservices Architecture, a free O'Reilly book. Brought to you in partnership with Lightbend.


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