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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #655 - Sep 2, 2014)

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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue #655 - Sep 2, 2014)

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Sunday, 28 September: NetBeans Day 2014

Join the NetBeans team at NetBeans Day at JavaOne 2014 in San Francisco! We'll share highlights of how NetBeans has evolved; what's new and noteworthy today, and explore what's up ahead for NetBeans IDE. Many international speakers are scheduled to be involved.

NetBeans Sessions at JavaOne 2014

For those attending JavaOne 2014 in San Francisco, here is a comprehensive list of all the sessions, BOFs, tutorials, and hands on labs that make use of NetBeans IDE in one way or another. Schedule them in the Schedule Builder because space is limited.


jBatch Suite

The jBatch Suite plugin lets developers design Java batch application models and automates Java code generation, following the Java Batch 1.0 JSR, JSR 352.


Programming with Lambdas in NetBeans 8

As the prime driving force of Java 8 is lambdas, so too underpinning NetBeans 8 are tools simplifying the process of using lambdas in new Java code, as well as tools for the probably even more significant task of migrating existing Java code to make use of lambdas. Learn about tools for converting your code to using Java 8 lambdas today!


NetBeans in Education

"The fact that NetBeans is free and open-source, is extremely easy to install, and comes with everything students need to create desktop, Web and Mobile apps is truly a blessing, particularly in our context." In South Africa, Bilal Kathrada discusses the key features of NetBeans IDE that make it ideal for teaching new programmers to code.

Abhideep Chakravarty's 5 Favorite NetBeans Features

Maven, the Debugger, Profiler, and more! In India, Abhideep Chakravarty shares his favorite NetBeans features. What are yours?

Tweet of the Week: @1tylermitchell

"As a long time #vim user, I migrated to @netbeans for my #javascript #development - really impressed with the usability. Nice job!"


O'Reilly: "Introduction to Java Programming Fundamentals"

"We prefer NetBeans in terms of learning, it's incredibly helpful if you are a new programmer and especially if you are a new programmer to Java." Ben Evans and Martijn Verburg, leaders of the London JUG, in O'Reilly's brand new "Introduction to Java Programming Fundamentals" course. NetBeans is used from beginning to end. Promo materials, including the first three parts for free are available.

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