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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue 410 - Sep 29, 2009)

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NetBeans Weekly News (Issue 410 - Sep 29, 2009)

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Project News

YANPA: Yet Another NetBeans Platform Application

During his research to discover interesting NetBeans platform applications, Geertjan Wielenga is finding so many that he's invented the acronym YANPA (Yet Another NetBeans Platform Application). Now he gets some very nice support from java.net's editor, Kevin Farnham, who finds it interesting that "so many scientific oriented research projects seem to find NetBeans the ideal platform", and he concludes: "NetBeans is much more than simply an IDE"!

NetBeans Sample Projects: Java EE 6 Pet Catalog

We added another Java EE 6 sample project to the NetBeans sample catalog, the Pet Catalog web application. You can either download and open the sample directly from Kenai, or download the NetBeans-ready project as a zip file, or use the built-in version control to get the source code from kenai.com.


A Build System for Complex Projects

ibs is an invisible build system that doesn't require any build files: It infers build rules from the context and detects dependencies automatically. This article explains how ibs can generate build files for NetBeans 6 projects.

Programmer Productivity

Multitasking is good when it comes to computer programs, but when computer programmers start multitasking, productivity suffers. Since developers aren't going to stop multitasking, it's critical that they have tools, like Cubeon and Tasktop Pro, that limit interruptions and keep them focused on the most important tasks.


Embedding EJB 3.1 Container Into Your Unit Tests - Boot Time: 5 Seconds

Dream Team member Adam Bien shows that you can test an EJB view using a unit test with an embedded EJB 3.1 container. No configuration or classpath changes needed, and the test runs fast, too. As always, Adam published the sample code in his popular Java EE Patterns project on kenai.com. Check out the project and try it yourself!

Java Game Dev: Setting Up LWJGL in Netbeans

LWJGL stands for Lightweight Java Game Library. If you are about to create platform-independent, state-of-the-art 3D games with 3D sound, read this quick tip how to set up the NetBeans IDE for this useful library, and how to add it to a project.

OpenJPA Enhancer Ant Task for Netbeans Projects

The OpenJPA enhancer task allows you to invoke the OpenJPA enhancer directly from within the Ant build process. This blog contains tips how to add OpenJPA as a NetBeans Library, and how to add a custom Ant task to a NetBeans project.

Using SQLite With Netbeans

Sometimes a web application developer needs to do a quick test on an application, and SQLite is a popular choice of a zero-configuration database for this purpose. The NetBeans IDE does not come with a SQLite plugin -- but actually it's quite easy to add the extension and the JDBC driver yourself. Read more in Tjiu's blog.


NetBeans Platform Goes to Panama

Meet Aristides Villarreal Bravo, the President of PanamaJUG, a coordinator of the Spanish NetBeans Translation Team, and a NetBeans Dream Team member. He writes about the NetBeans IDE and develops Java applications on top of the NetBeans Platform -- and he just gave a presentation about the NetBeans Platform at the First Latin American Conference of Free Software!

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