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NetCAT 6.5 Status Report

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Jiri Kovalsky, NetBeans IDE 6.5 Community Acceptance Testing (NetCAT) program co-ordinator, reports on the current status of the NetCAT program, highlighting the involvement of the many community members in today's release of NetBeans IDE 6.5 Beta. -- Geertjan Wielenga, NetBeans Zone leader

Note: Want to hear Jiri talk about the NetCATprogram? Listen to NetBeans Podcast 44, where he is interviewed and tells you all about NetCAT and the program's achievements.

Here I am with an update on the outstanding NetCAT achievements from the previous week!

1. Current status

There was an obvious activity slowdown in the past week in terms of sent e-mails (~26.1 posts per day) but bugs were coming at a similar rate (~20 bugs per day). We believe that once Beta is out we will notice the same trend with bugs as well otherwise we are not stabilizing the IDE, are we? :-)

2. Important stuff

Beta has been released because there were no more reported showstoppers. The third attempt was finally successful and it proves that Beta is quality and not date driven.

  • Goran Ehrsson focused on Groovy support and thinks that its quality is not Beta. Joshua Juneau disagrees. Anyway, related incorrect error badges (#142925) were fixed today and we need to verify this. Please help!
  • If you also miss JavaScript debugging capability in Firefox 3, be aware that we don't support it yet (#138986). Once Firebug 1.2b8 is released that scenario will work. 
  • We have seen an excellent cooperation between Allan Lykke Christensen and Milos Kleint (Maven support developer) in issue #142966. Allan notified us about "missing Maven J2EE support" module, kept in touch and the bug was fixed within 2 days including update of Maven on Update Center. Awesome! 
  • Kristian Rink focused on "JPA and DB integration" and asked NetCAT peers for opinion. Joshua Juneau liked the idea of creating entity classes from more than one table. Was any of these filed as RFEs? 
  • Anuradha Gunasekara fixed 5 more bugs himself but David Freels joined him by fixing his first bug (#143233) too. Way to go guys! 
  • I am going to replace all inactive (<20 CAT points) participants this Friday so keep this in mind if you want to stay with us till the end of NetCAT 6.5. :-)

3. Bug hunting

  • Bryan Boone reported a serious performance problem (#143234) on clean/build action. We are still investigating.
  • Rajiv Perera found a nasty P1 (#143334) in Web Services support causing a loop of exceptions upon opening EJB project. It was fixed today. 
  • Rajiv also reported another Beta showstopper (#143127) that EJB couldn't be deployed onto GlassFish V3. The bug is fixed too and we would appreciate if you verify both issues Rajiv! 
  • Michael Nascimento tested "freeform projects" which resulted in 3 ugly bugs: deadlocked IDE when changing project.xml (#143001), broken CVS update (#143323) and never ending collecting of project dependencies (#143313). The first bug is fixed, the other two are still being investigated. Good job Michael! 
  • Saptarshi Purkayastha discovered that *Find* action was completely unusable (#143375). This is fixed too. 
  • It looks like "voting for bugs" has not become popular yet because only a handful of bugs have non-zero votes.
  • Best bug reporter of the previous week is Rajiv Perera with an astonishing 38 bugs!

4. Statistics

  Bugs submitted: 762 (+140)
  Open bugs:      349 (3/30/268/37/11)
  Posts:          1676 (+183)

Any ideas for the next status report? Don't hesitate to speak up if you miss something!

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