Netflix Debuts Vector, a New Performance and Monitoring Tool

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Netflix Debuts Vector, a New Performance and Monitoring Tool

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The kind folks at Netflix are constantly improving our lives, and their latest endeavor  reaches beyond providing an enormous library of fine cinema. Unlike their vast film offerings, their latest creation is aimed at performance, not procrastination. Netflix recently debuted a performance and monitoring tool, Vector. The Netflix tech blog  offers a short explanation:

Vector provides a simple way for users to visualize and analyze system and application-level metrics in near real-time. It leverages the battle tested open source system monitoring framework, Performance Co-Pilot (PCP),  layering on top a flexible and user-friendly UI. The UI polls metrics at up to 1 second resolution, rendering the data in completely configurable dashboards that simplify cross-metric correlation and analysis.

It’s lightweight and powerful, and the browser-based framework can display a bevy of metrics including CPU, disk, and memory statistics. Highlights include:


·  Load Average

·  Runnable

·  CPU Utilization

·  Per-CPU Utilization

·  Context Switches


·  Memory Utilization

·  Page Faults


·  Disk IOPS

·  Disk Throughput

·  Disk Utilization

·  Disk Latency


·  Network Drops

·  TCP Retransmits

·  TCP Connections

·  Network Throughput

·  Network Packets

You download Vector here, and also find detailed installation instructions. Excited to put Vector to use? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, or hit us up on Twitter. 

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