Netflix Introduces Fenzo: Open Source Mesos Scheduler

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Netflix Introduces Fenzo: Open Source Mesos Scheduler

A quick look at Netflix's new open source software and how it approaches scheduling in Mesos.

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Netflix has been busy lately. They’ve steadily worked to become well-known not just for introducing binge-watching to our lives, but also their engineering team’s efforts to create new open-source software. Their latest tool is Fenzo, an open-source scheduling framework for Apache Mesos.

According to Netflix: “Fenzo enables frameworks to better manage ephemerality aspects that are unique to the cloud. Our use cases include a reactive stream processing system for real time operational insights and managing deployments of container based applications.”

The tool uses a scheduling model focused on large-scale deployments with a variety of tasks and resources, each with a variety of constraints and optimization needs. To save time and to make prioritization easier, tasks in Fenzo have an urgency rating and a fitness factor that determines how well the task fits on a host. Users can also decide at what threshold a tasks fits specific criteria for urgency and fitness, as well as whether the task has hard constraints as an additional filter before it is scheduled. Fenzo also supports cluster autoscaling.

You can take a look at the Netflix tech blog’s explanation of Fenzo, the GitHub source code, and how Netflix uses Fenzo internally, here.

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