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NetKernel 4.0 Arrives; Based on New, More Efficient Microkernel

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NetKernel 4.0 Arrives; Based on New, More Efficient Microkernel

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A completely revamped NetKernel 4.0 is now available under the 1060 Research public license.  The new version of the resource oriented computing (ROC) platform is based on an entirely new microkernel that is smaller and faster.  Randy Kahle, Director of Marketing for 1060 Research, told DZone about the some of the new features in NetKernal 4.0:

 "Java developers may be interested to learn that NetKernel 4 can now be embedded as a POJO within other Java containers as well as run as an application server.  It is simple to boot an instance of NetKernel within an application and delegate RESTful processing. This will allow incremental adoption of true REST processing within Java applications."

Other major new features include:
  • Refined REST implementation
  • New introspection and developer tools
  • Linux distribution style package manager

Resource oriented computing is an extension of REST principles and a microkernel is a true REST processing core that adds capabilities such as transcription and dependency caching.  The NetKernel platform is based on fundamental concepts found in Web and Unix.  It has a wide range of uses, says Khale:

"It has been used as an XML pipeline processing system, an enterprise service bus (ESB), an enterprise information integration hub, embedded in a telecom network with dozens of nodes and as the deployment platform for web sites and web services. The most unusual application may be a RESTful PingPong game that uses a Swing transport to relay GUI messages to NetKernel."

NetKernel 4.0 is available for download on the 1060 Research website.  For more information on the latest releases of RESTEasy, go to the JBoss blog.

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