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Netty 3.2.3.Final

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Netty 3.2.3.Final

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Trustin Lee - the developer behind Netty NIO client server framework announced today, that the new version 3.2.3 of Netty has been released:


Quoting interesting pieces from Trustins announcement:


What's new since 3.2.2.Final...

This release is a stability release which fixes 4 known bugs. Thank you everyone who waited for the fix so patiently! Here's the list of the fixed bugs:

  • OutOfMemoryError in the HexDumpProxy example (Thanks to Erick Lichtas)
  • WebSocket encoder didn't encode a WebSocket frame correctly (Thanks to Al Ag)
  • There's no way to handle HTTP 'Expect: 100-continue' header properly (Thanks to Shay Banon)
  • Channel.setReadable(boolean) sometimes leads to stall writes. (Thanks to Catherine Grogan and Lee Johnston)


About Upcoming Releases...

I am thinking of beginning Netty 4.0 which addresses the fundamental issues such as:
  • upstream/downstream naming confusion
  • OutOfMemoryError caused by too fast writes
  • incomplete HTTP tunneling transport
  • incomplete custom thread naming (DONE)

along with the following new features:
  • HTTP file uploads
  • IP-level firewall
  • traffic counter / shaper
  • JMX integration
  • HTTP and SOCKS proxy support on the client side



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