Network Security Automation: Pros and Cons

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Network Security Automation: Pros and Cons

A high-level overview on the importance of automating network security.

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Automation in IT sector has gained tremendous momentum, today global organizations are keen about transforming their critical business processes by significantly automating their IT infrastructure.

Though there are huge benefits and higher business value addition with IT automation, some organizations are still reluctant to bring automation in to their business operations majorly due to security concerns.

Network professionals are interested to hand-over repetitive tasks to automated machines, but not willing to give-up the controls. Gaining more insight in to pros and cons of network automation, Palo Alto, a security services and research firm emphasizes major concerns of organizations to opt network security automation.

Organizations perceive that automation brings loss of control on networks and interest to retain human element to monitor and control network security.

Firms, think that automated system sometimes may overlook security threats or could impose too many network restrictions resulting in enhanced complexity for network staff to handle the network system.

Fear of change among organizations, would sometimes prevent them to opt for automation of network security. Business managers think that automation would bring massive changes in organizational processes and increase complicate the network security professional jobs.

When it comes to bringing benefits and business value addition in to spotlight, network security automation significantly simplifies the security processes and policies. Brings down the deployment duplications. Also automation enables companies to quickly and easily update security policies.

Automation of network securities will reduce the human errors and helps network staff in faster detection of security threats as it correlates the different data sources simultaneously.

Reaping benefits from network security automation may not be possible for all the organizations, experts recommend to follow segmented approach for automation process and evaluate whether automation fits in to their business needs.

Automation in network set-up category involves configuration of policies and firewalls by reducing the duplication and streamlining the processes with automation tools.

Network management automation enables organizations to have up-to-date network policies which is achieved with integration of system information and event management.

Automation in threat intelligence segment enables firms to timely detect and take protection measures against all known and unknown security threats. Automated threat correlation helps organization to better streamlining the processes. On the other hand automation in threat intelligence management segment will enable firms to continuously monitor and protect the networks. Frequently updating the hardware, software and security components in the network architecture will safeguard the network and reduce the impact of successful attacks.

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