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Check Out Your New and Improved DZone Profile!

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Check Out Your New and Improved DZone Profile!

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As if DZone couldn't get any more awesome, it just did. Our development and design teams revamped user profile pages and added some new features that we think will add to your overall experience on our site; after all, this is your community, right? You can access your new profile by logging into or creating a user profile on DZone (upper left-hand corner of the screen).

The new features you currently see . . .

  • Cleaner, more organized look and feel
  • Stats on articles, links, and views to quantify user activity history across the DZone network
  • An Activity Stream, complete with recent articles, comments, and links

Screen shots!

A - Social Network Promotion

Out with the old and in with the new! The new profile layout brings more attention to your social netowrking profiles.

B - Profile Statistics

Here's the totaled stat section, located in the upper right-hand corner of the new profile page. It highlights all your activity across the DZone network. How awesome have you been lately?

C - Recent Activity Stream

Now readers who think you are awesome can see the zone that your content was posted in, how many views it got, and once again, it's not bad on the eyes!

D - Sidebar

We've also created a sidebar that will house your personal information including your bio and links to your website or blog. In the future, this sidebar will be expanded to contain more information about you as a developer.

Future additions:

  • Older activity in the stream on demand
  • More activity will appear in the stream when you scroll to the bottom of the new profile pages. You will be able to access a history of a user's activity.
  • Filterable Activity Stream
    • There will be 3 buttons at the top of the stream that will allow you to filter it by the different content types: article, comment, and link.
  • User RSS Feeds
    • Each profile will have an RSS feed of the user's activity.
    • Moderation Queue status for your pending articles
  • Our trusted and loyal community members wanted a better user profile and we delivered. We hope your experience is bettered and through the enhanced profiles you will get more from DZone.

    We like to think that DZone profiles are still in beta, so feel free to suggest improvement by leaving your comments below!

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