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New AIR Launchpad Gets Apps Off the Grown Faster

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New AIR Launchpad Gets Apps Off the Grown Faster

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As developers learn to build desktop applications with Adobe AIR and Flex, they tend to face a similar set of challenges - creating install badges, configuring icons, enabling auto-update, accessing SQLite, and using various new AIR APIs.  Last week Adobe released a new utility called AIR Launchpad in order to make it much easier for Flex/AIR developers to get their applications out of the gate.

Launchpad is especially helpful for new Flex/AIR developers.  The desktop tool will generate a ready-to-import project code base after you enter settings and options in a step-by-step process.  Once you have the skeleton for your application, you'll already have some vital code that helps take advantage of unique AIR 2/Flex 4 features.  This starting-point application can easily be modified and extended.

The resulting folder structure from Launchpad contains a ready-to-compile AIR application with all of the features you selected.  It also makes a zip file in the parent folder that can be imported directly into Adobe's Flash Builder.  If you enable auto-updating, a "server" subfolder will be generated and will contain the XML file needed to control auto-updating on the server.  For the 'install badge' option, a subfolder is created with the files needed to create an install badge.

The code generated by Launchpad is clearly written and well commented.  The final application is generated for the Flex 4.1 framework and targets the AIR 2.0 runtime, but back porting it into Flex Builder 3 is a simple process.   

Here are two demo videos showing how to get started with AIR Launchpad:

by James Ward

Adobe AIR Launchpad beta for RIAgora.com from michael chaize on Vimeo.

Launchpad developer comments on the forums suggest we could see support for mobile application generation in AIR Launchpad.  Download the beta of this free utility now at Adobe Labs.

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