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New and Cool Java Desktop and Swing NetBeans Sessions at JavaOne 2009

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JavaOne 2009 in San Francisco has a lot to offer to Java desktop developers. Learn form the experts how building on top of the NetBeans Platform saves you time—and nerves! Many JavaOne speakers recommend the NetBeans IDE as ideal tool for creating, designing, and optimizing your Java Swing applications. The following sessions and labs are just a few examples from the session catalogue, check it out:

Java Desktop and Swing Apps

LAB-5540Save Time — Build Desktop Applications Quickly with the NetBeans™ Platform
BOF-4746Runtime Update of Java™ Technology-Based Applications, Using Dynamic Class Redefinition
BOF-4558Creating Professional Rich Client Applications
TS-3955Monkeybars: Tools-Enabled Swing Development with JRuby
TS-4865Java™ Technology for Gaming: Challenges and Solutions for Collision Detection
TS-5301Continuous Integration in the Cloud with Hudson
TS-3886Porting an Application to the NetBeans™ Platform
BOF-4550Developing/Testing Accessible Java™ Technology-Based Applications in the NetBeans™ IDE
TS-4807Easily Tuning Your Real-Time Application

Use the Schedule Builder today to pre-enroll to your preferred sessions. See you there!

PS: Did you know that students attend CommunityOne and JavaOne for free?

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