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New and Updated Productivity Power Tools 2013

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New and Updated Productivity Power Tools 2013

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Visual Studio Gallery  - Productivity Power Tools 2013

A set of extensions to Visual Studio 2013 Professional (and above) which improves developer productivity.

November 2013

Productivity Power Tools 2013 for Visual Studio 2013 is an extension pack that brings powerful tools for improved developer productivity.

Summary of features

New additions to Productivity Power Tools 2013:
  1. Peek Help
  2. Solution Explorer Errors
  3. Structure Visualizer
  4. Double click to maximize windows
  5. Timestamp margin
  6. Quick tasks – Edit Present On
  7. Ctrl + Click to Peek Definition
  8. HTML Copy improvements
  9. Recently Closed Documents
  10. Match Margin
  11. Power Commands context menu cleanup
Other features:
  1. Quick Tasks
  2. Power Commands
  3. Color printing
  4. Middle-Click Scrolling 
  5. Organize Imports for Visual Basic
  6. Custom Document Well
  7. Tools Options Support
  8. HTML Copy
  9. Fix Mixed Tabs
  10. Ctrl + Click Go To Definition
  11. Align Assignments
  12. Column Guides
  13. Colorized Parameter Help


Peek Help (Alt + F1)



Quick Tasks

The Quick Launch Tasks extension provides easy access to commonly used options (EG: toggling line numbers) as well as popular functionality to VS (EG: collapsing/expanding regions).  To activate Quick Tasks, access Quick Launch and write @tasks followed by one of the following options:



And here on the last RadioTFS I was just whining about not having these Power Tools available for VS 2013. (Yes, I whine allot, deal with it... ;)

This is a must for anyone doing presentations, let alone all the other cool tools. Just get it, you'll want it...

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