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New AnyCloud, by CloudBees, Allows for Application Deployment to Specific Geographical Regions (and more)

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On Tuesday, CloudBees announced the release of AnyCloud in response to the growing need for a custom deployment of applications on the cloud.  The release of AnyCloud allows for the deployment and management of applications across various data center environments.  This includes AWS and other IaaS providers.  The flexibility does not stop there, as AnyCloud allows users to modify the deployment of applications in the cloud based on regulatory requirements and company policies.  With this option, users can keep applications deployed to specific geographic regions and hosted providers while also avoiding the security concerns that are often associated with cloud-based technologies.  

According to François Déchery, Cloudbees' VP of international business development,

If you are not consuming a service, you are not really simplifying your operations nor reducing costs and, therefore, not realizing the full benefit of the cloud. AnyCloud addresses just that - giving PaaS users the freedom of deployment choice, including on-premise, while still benefiting from a true service offering." --François Déchery

The creation of AnyCloud was in response to what CloudBees perceived to be an increase in future private cloud development, as well as many companies' unpreparedness for tackling such a project.  Thus, AnyCloud tries to give what Cyreille Le Clerc, CTO, Xebia called "compelling choices for our customers, including the option of running inside their own data centers, right next to existing databases"

This may, in fact, be a game changer in the field of private cloud development.  But only if it is picked up by the various entities alluded to tin the release announcement, including both the private sector and government.  You can find further information about CloudBees AnyCloud here

 If you or your organization has implemented AnyCloud, please tell us about the experience by commenting below.

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