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New Article about Testing JavaFX Apps with TestFX in Oracle Java Magazine

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New Article about Testing JavaFX Apps with TestFX in Oracle Java Magazine

Benet Schultz talks briefly about the Java Magazine issue he's featured in.

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Image titleSome weeks ago I wrote an article about Testing JavaFX Apps with TestFX for Oracle Java Magazine. The current issue is now available and focuses on Testing.

Oracle Java Magazine is a bimonthly digital-only publication. It's an essential source of knowledge about Java technology, the Java programming language and Java-based applications. It's for people who rely on them in their professional carreers, or who aspire to.

There are the interesting articles and authors in this issue.

  1. Mert Caliskan - Eight Freatly Underused Features of JUnit
  2. Neil Manvar about Building and Automating a Functional Test Grid
  3. Adam Bien (@AdamBien) wrote an article about Stress Testing JavaEE Applications.
  4. Mark Hrynczak wrote about Think Like a Tester and Get Rid of QA.
  5. Hadi Hariri (@hhariri): Kotlin - A low ceremony  high-integration language
  6. Venkat Subramarian (@venkat_s) wrote his second part of Functional Programming in Java: Using Collections
  7. Antonio Concalves (@agoncal) with his third part of Context and Dependency Injection: The New JavaEE Toolbox
  8. Arun Gupta (@arungupta): A First Look At Microservices

There is also a Java Code Quiz and some tips to boost your developer career by Bruno Souza (@brjavaman) and Edson Yanaga (@yanaga).

Oracle Java Magazine is free for everyone. If you currently aren't a reader you should take a look at this magazine! It's worth reading and a great addition to your current Java journals. Stay tuned by following Oracle Java Magazine on twitter.



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