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New Community Site Fosters Behavioral Analytics Idea Sharing Among Digital Economy Workers

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New Community Site Fosters Behavioral Analytics Idea Sharing Among Digital Economy Workers

Interania brings users together to share best practices for behavioral analytics through discussion forums, blogs and how-to guides.

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Interana, a leader in behavioral analytics for the digital economy, launched a new online community that gives Interana users a platform to exchange best practices for behavioral analytics. Interania offers discussion boards, blogs, and how-to content to help community members make sense of digital behaviors and hone their analytic skill set. It is the first forum for digital economy workers to share tips and spark meaningful dialogue about how to best use behavioral analytics to drive business results across an organization.

“Interana is the best-kept secret in analytics, and we have built a burgeoning user community that is eager for a way to connect and share best practices for exploring digital behavior,” said Christina Noren, Chief Product Officer at Interana. “Interania gives our users an opportunity to not only take ownership of their behavioral analytics contributions within their organizations but to own their identities within the Interana community to help other practitioners. Interania is an extension of our mission to put data and decision-making power in the hands of the people closest to the business, regardless of if they have a data science background or not. Adding a supportive community around Interana furthers our goal of empowering everyone with interactive behavioral analytics.”

Building a Supportive Community for Digital Behavior Exploration

Interania gives Interana users a collaborative, content-rich forum to help them better understand their role in data exploration, as well as to sharpen their data analytics skills. Some of the top Interania features include the following.

Community Discussion Forums

Users can interact with other community members to ask questions and share ideas on any topic related to Interana and behavioral analytics, ranging from different approaches to collecting event data from client applications to ways of analyzing flows of connected device activation and use. They can also provide input on new product features and interact with Interana employees to give feedback.

In-Depth How-To Articles

Community members can share best practices for everything from how to best utilize various Interana features to behavioral analytics techniques like calculating a specific retention metric in a digital service.

Interana Community Identity

As the need to understand customers’ behaviors through a wider variety of digital services and channels becomes an increasingly important part of any business, Interania gives users the opportunity to build recognition for their analytics achievements. Users can build their status and rank based on community contributions, ultimately giving them an industry credential that expands beyond the Interania community.

Tailored User Guides

For the first time ever, Interana is making its documentation free to the public. These updated user guides are geared toward data explorers of all different skill levels with content ranging from a basic overview of product features and dashboards to in-depth reference materials and guidance on becoming an expert user.

Interania already has several experienced users actively contributing to the community with thousands of others ready to join and share their insights and questions.

“As a longtime Interana user and champion, I am really happy to now be able to share ideas with other industry experts and users,” says Jon Cotter, longtime Interana user. “Democratizing help this way is a great direction and takes advantage of the enthusiasm of the broader Interana user community.”

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