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New Conversations in Tech: Blockchain and VR

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New Conversations in Tech: Blockchain and VR

Want to learn more about the two technologies that are impacting the tech industry? Check out this post to learn more about Virtual Reality and blockchain.

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We are living in a digital age. The way technology has disrupted our lives is surreal. What was a concept yesterday is today’s reality. With technological advancement at its peak, a few forms of tech have caught our imaginations. Blockchain and Virtual Reality have stolen the show. Whether its for business use or our personal life, the changes are everywhere. These two technologies are ushering us into a true digital era. Excited to know more? Let’s see what’s there in the bag.

Blockchain and VR.

At the present time, blockchain and VR are gaining prominence. With the rise in cryptocurrencies, people have realized the immense potential that blockchain possesses. This ledger based technology is changing the IT sector for the better. It works on a peer-to-peer topology. The data are stored in packets and distributed over a decentralized network. The thousands of servers involved makes it impossible to hack the data. Now, the question is: what makes blockchain so special? What advantages does it offer? Let's have a look:

  • Transparency: The open-source nature of blockchain makes it intriguing to businesses. With thousands of eyes on the network, the alteration or manipulation of data is difficult. This makes blockchain technology solutions secure and transparent.
  • Reduced transaction costs: With no need for a third party, blockchain reduces the transaction costs to the users. The peer-to-peer transactions help businesses in limiting their expense over time.
  • Decentralization: The decentralized nature of blockchain makes it difficult to hack. There is no single control point. With no central data hub, each transaction has its own proof of validity.
  • User-controlled networks: In blockchain technology, the third parties have no say. The users and developers call the shots. This makes blockchain fast and secure.

The growth of blockchain technology has been quite unexpected. Contrary to this, the way Virtual Reality has transcended was always on the card. The line between real and virtual has now become blurred. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Now, let's dive into the world of VR. It is an artificial environment created by a computer software. VR generates realistic images, sounds, and sensations. This makes users feel their presence in a virtual environment. So, how is VR transforming our lives on a larger scale? Here we go:

  • Education: VR is creating a lot of noise in the education sector. Keeping students engaged is the key for any institution. Interaction with virtual objects is generating more interest among students. The curiosity level among them is high while engaging with a virtual environment.
  • Virtual tours: Virtual tours are gaining prominence lately. Without investing much time, people can visualize tourist spots in a better way. VR provides a better immersion of a place making tourists more enthusiast.
  • Training: With costly equipment and limited training resources, VR is a viable option. It’s transforming the training industry for good. Immersive learning through VR provides accurate and error-free training. Whether it’s field, aviation, or industrial training, VR is making grounds everywhere.
  • Healthcare: One sector that is benefiting the most from VR is the healthcare industry. It allows doctors to learn new skills in a safe environment. Better training is helping medical professionals to treat their patients in a more effective manner.
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