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New Data Shows Java 7 Still Ahead of Java 8

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New Data Shows Java 7 Still Ahead of Java 8

The Oracle Technology Network recently ran a short survey to see how many developers used each version of Java. See the results here.

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A few weeks after including our community in Oracle's survey for Java version usage, we finally have results. The survey had a respectable 1,147 respondents, so the numbers should be fairly representative.  I'll bulletpoint the version usage results for you:

  • Java SE 6 — 21%

  • Java SE 7 — 43%

  • Java SE 8 — 35%

  • Another version of Java SE — 1%

  • Planning to move to a new version of Java SE in the next six months — 52.5%

  • Will keep the same version for the next six months — 47.5%

The only additional stat that would have helped is a cross tab between Java SE 8 users and the second question about planning to move to a new version of Java in the next six months. Obviously, all of the developers already using Java SE 8 aren't planning to move to a new version in the next six months (Java 9 doesn't come out that soon), so we can probably assume that 35% of the 47.5% keeping the same version are already on Java 8. Which would mean only 12.5% are staying with Java 6 or 7 for the next six months.  That's a pretty small group, so it looks like the community is doing a pretty good job of migrating (or planning to migrate) in cadence with the releases.

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