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New Decrypt Software for PHP and Web Developers

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New Decrypt Software for PHP and Web Developers

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Whether you're a web developer or just a Webmaster trying to solve a problem with your website,

Some of the advantages of Decrypt over its competitors in the space, is that not only can it decrypt files without you having to wait hours, but rather that it supports all versions of the popular encryption tools such as Zend, IonCube, PHPShield, and SourceGuardian. Using the tabs outlined below, you'll be able to learn more about the technologies Decrypt can unlock.

Having worked in the web development industry for over several decades, we started to see an alarming amount of "encoded" scripts that prevented us from assisting our customers with their needs.

We started to use decryption technologies available online to resolve issues for our customers, and before long, we realized how many web developers and web masters are facing the same issues we were. So we decided to start building Decrypt.

We strongly believe in the open source community and principals that it was originally founded upon. While we understand the technology we're providing can be used for unethical purposes, it is our intent that its used for educational purposes only.

Nonetheless, we strongly advocate independent development companies that encrypt their scripts to consider the ramifications of those actions. Those very actions hamper the development of the "Internet" which is nothing more than "the people".

For more information on our service packages, please visit: http://www.decry.pt/


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