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New enterprise social collaboration study launched

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New enterprise social collaboration study launched

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The Aberdeen Group are regular students of social business.  Earlier this year they produced research looking at what factors motivate companies to attempt to become social.  They found two main drivers for change:

  1. Improving profit margins
  2. Internal and external challenges

It provided an interesting contrast to research by Forrester looking at the same issue.

Anyway, the group are back with a new study.  This time they will be looking at a range of social business issues, including:

  • the state of collaboration in the modern workplace
  • the key strategic initiatives being adopted around social business
  • the capabilities, processes and technology used by high performing firms

The main focus however will be on enterprise collaboration.  This area will in itself be broken down into the following:

  • Human capital management/talent management
  • Collaboration in sales environments
  • Collaboration between sales and marketing
  • Streamlining customer care via improved collaboration
  • Utilisation of social, mobile and cloud technologies

“It’s no secret that the way we work has changed considerably over the past ten years, whether it’s the rise of telecommuting, ubiquitous mobile connectivity, or simply a more geographically-distributed workforce, the traditional office environment that we once knew is a thing of the past,” according Andrew Borg, Research Director, for the Aberdeen Enterprise Mobility and Collaboration practice. “This study will examine the impact of effective team work across across several disciplines within an organization’s overall structure.”

If you’d like to participate in the research, you can do so here.  In addition to receiving the resulting research reports from each of the participating research practices, Aberdeen ESC survey participants will be invited to attend an exclusive presentation of early findings from the study.

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