A New Front for SOA: Open API and API Management as Game Changer

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A New Front for SOA: Open API and API Management as Game Changer

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In October 2014, I had a talk at Jazoon in Zurich, Switzerland: "A New Front for SOA: Open API and API Management as Game Changer"

Business Perspective - Open API and API Management

Open API represent the leading edge of a new business model, providing innovative ways for companies to expand brand value and routes to market, and create new value chains for intellectual property. In the past, SOA strategies mostly targeted internal users. Open APIs target mostly external partners.

This session introduces the concepts of Open API, its challenges and opportunities. API Management will become important in many areas, no matter if business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-customer (B2C) communication. Several real world use cases will discuss how to gain leverage due to API Management.

Comparison of API Management Products: TIBCO API Exchange, IBM, Apigee, 3scale, WSO2, MuleSoft, Mashery, Layer 7, Vordel

The end of the session shows and compares API management products from different vendors. As API management products improve and mature a lot these days, a detailed comparison is out-of-date when it is released. Therefore, I "just" explain how to categorize different API Management products, and which specific questions help you to doing an evaluation of a short list and making the right choice.

Live-Drawing of my Talk

A great offering by Jazoon: Someone from Visual Notes made a live-drawing of my talk:

Jazoon Live Drawing of Kai Wähner's Talk








Even though IT is a hard case for such a drawing, it looks awesome! Thanks to Visual Notes.

Slides from Jazoon 2014

Here are the slides from Jazoon 2014. I appreciate every feedback and discussion.


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