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New GIS Platform

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New GIS Platform

Boundless Suite 4.10 and its new SDK are out, and represent the next evolution in commercially-supported open source GIS.

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Good to speak with Andy Dearing, CEO of Boundless, about their new Suite 4.10, designed to streamline the creation of maps and applications using the Boundless open GIS ecosystem. Additionally, the company has a new software development kit (SDK) and contributions to the community release of GeoServer 2.11 for developers.

Boundless offers an open GIS solution through a combination of technology, products, and experts, to give enterprises deeper intelligence and insights into their location-based data. The Boundless platform is built upon open source technology and open APIs that generate actionable location intelligence across third-party apps, content services, and plugins for enterprise applications.

Boundless Suite 4.10

Boundless Suite 4.10 includes enhancements designed to make working with open GIS easier for everyone. Users have all the necessary installation files, tools, extensions, and premium support options needed to ensure a successful deployment of open GIS. Unlike proprietary solutions, Boundless Suite 4.10 offers unparalleled flexibility and scalability, without complicated and costly licensing models; enabling organizations to scale up or out freely without being penalized. Boundless Suite is the premier choice for organizations seeking to leverage the power of open GIS software to manage geospatial data and create maps across all types of applications.

Key features include:

  • Support on the CentOS 7 operating system, giving users outside of the Windows ecosystem access to the most comprehensive open GIS solution.

  • Leverage modern symbology styles with Mapbox Styles, a modern way to style data that is designed to work across the entire Boundless product platform. This update lets users style applications quickly and consistently across desktop, web, and mobile.

  • Designed to work in modern IT architectures, including virtual machines, elastic DevOps architectures, and the cloud, allowing customers to maximize their GIS investment and lower total ownership costs.

“Boundless Suite 4.10 represents our continued commitment to release quality geospatial software on a regular and consistent basis,” said Anthony Calamito, VP of product at Boundless. “The new capabilities in Suite 4.10 make publishing spatial data easier, make it accessible on more operating systems, and enable simplified styling of data across the Boundless ecosystem.”

Boundless SDK

Boundless’ new SDK ships with Boundless Suite 4.10. The SDK enables users to easily create web mapping applications that leverage the OpenLayers 3 library using Flux and React frameworks. It additionally powers the web application builder in Boundless Desktop, which empowers users by allowing them to quickly create quality applications without writing any code.

GeoServer 2.11

Boundless Suite 4.10 ships with GeoServer 2.11, which has been updated to include improved loading and OGC request times for large installations, making it possible to manage tens of thousands of layers in GeoServer with minimum load times. GeoServer 2.11 comes with increased EPSG support and improved identification and handling of obscure .prj files and directories of shapefiles. These new updates greatly decrease the load time for shapefiles and allow GeoServer to better support data from ArcGIS.

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