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New Guide Available: Getting Started with Lucene.net

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New Guide Available: Getting Started with Lucene.net

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Alkampfer Place - Getting Started with Lucene.net

I started working with Lucene.Net and I should admit that is a real powerful library, but it is really huge and needs a little bit of time to be mastered completely. Probably one of the best resource to keep in mind is the FAQ, because it contains really most of the more common question you can have on Lucene and it is a good place to start. Another good place is the Wiki that contains other useful information and many other link to relevant resources.

Getting started with lucene.net is really simple, after you grabbed the bits and placed a reference in your project you are ready to search in your “documents”. Lucene has a set of basic concepts that you need to grasp before starting using it, basically it has Analyzers that elaborate documents to create indexes that are stored Directory and permits fast search; searches are done with IndexSearcher that are capable of searching data inside a directory previously populated by analyzers and indexes. Now lets see how you can index two long string of text:



I've only been following Lucene.Net (in its many forms) for years, yet I still have not used it in a project. Oh I have a number of ideas where I want to use it, but DPO (Domestic Product Owner) hasn't gotten around to prioritizing those tasks (funny how that mowing the lawn, fixing and painting is always a higher priority than my personal coding projects... lol)

Anyway, I AM going to use it "one of these days" so like to grab these kinds of getting started guides. Thought you might find it useful too...


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