New Initiatives and Automation to Take in DevOps Industry Through the Roof

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New Initiatives and Automation to Take in DevOps Industry Through the Roof

The growth of DevOps is evidenced by continuing opportunities in the initiative being presented and the presence of more automation opportunities.

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The industry for DevOps is growing higher with different initiatives such as new product launches, partnerships, and implementation of automation. Expanding product portfolios for extending use cases for agent software would help market players achieve more market share than before. In addition, forming partnerships would help in offering better products and services for intended applications. As automation has reached every industry and organizations have been reaping the benefits, the automation of DevOps processes would help in reducing errors and improving efficiency. These activities have made a significant transformation in the industry. Here are some of the activities taking place in the industry that will shape the industry in coming next few years:

New DevOps Initiatives to Expand Portfolio

Launching new DevOps initiatives will help market players expand their offering and acquire more share in the global market. Datadog, a leading market player, revealed a series of new DevOps initiatives for expanding use cases for agent software that powers monitoring services of the company. The new Datadog portfolio includes Real User Monitoring (RUM) and Network Performance Monitoring services. Moreover, tracing without limits will be added to its application performance monitoring (APM) and distribution tracing services to enable DevOps team to find all the traces without live sampling along with storing traces that match bad user experiences.

Ilan Rabinovitch, the Vice President of product and community for Datadog, outlined that the company plans to invest in the expansion of the core use cases that can work on its agent software. With this approach, DevOps teams will be able to rationalize the types of agent software needed for deployment for monitoring applications, infrastructure, cybersecurity, networking, and user experience. Rabinovitch added that expanding the reach and enabling vast scope of services of Datadog into the work of networking have raised to gain more knowledge about the impact of software-defined network services by cloud service providers. With the growing dependency of organizations on digital business processes, organizations avail DevOps services for instrumenting complex IT processes and offer high benefits to their clients. With the expansion of the product portfolio, the industry for DevOps is gaining a lot of ground for growth. According to the report by Allied Market Research, the global DevOps market is expected to generate $9.40 billion by 2023. Along with additions in the portfolio, there are many other strategies adopted by market players.

Partnerships to Facilitate Upgrades to The Latest Versions Using DevOps Processes

Chef and Microsoft have joined hands for application of DevOps processes for speeding up updating Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 to the current versions. Organizations can leverage Chef Enterprise Automation Stack (EAS) that contains an EAS Migration Accelerator for Windows. It will carry out scanning of existing .NET applications that run on legacy Microsoft platforms for discovering details regarding configuration and dependency. This information will be encapsulated as a code to enables the application run on the latest version of a Microsoft virtual machine. Ewan Dalton, the Partner Development Manager for Microsoft, outlined that there are nearly half-million .NET applications that run on platforms having end-of-life support beginning in January. However, most of the applications needed to be modernized for deployment on the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Vikram Ghosh, the Vice President of Business Development at Chef, highlighted that Chef EAS enables employment of DevOps processes for modernizing the maintenance and updating of applications rather than only shifting the legacy applications on the new platform. Chef EAS can scan, extract, and collect legacy applications along with its dependencies with the help of source control repositories including GitHub. Then pipelines such as Azure DevOps are utilized for converting them into cloud platforms. Moreover, customers will be able to deploy the application packages in Azure along with continuously running scans for security and compliance.

The Trend of Automation of DevOps

The trend of automation has been adopted across the world in every sector to improve productivity, reduce costs, and acquire a competitive edge. DevOps teams will be benefited by workflow automation. According to Raj Mehta, CEO of Raj Technologies, many development projects are slowed down by manual steps and undefined communication methodologies and there is too much room for error. Implementing automation would be useful in reducing errors. He added that DevOps teams need assistance for achieving any type of goal related to automation. He opined that the lack of skilled professionals cannot bring workflow automation, so they need to become experts in designing workflows before they deploy automation. Workflows have become complex in nature and they necessitate the understanding of overall goals of actions instead of only scripting actions.

Workfront, a Lehi, Utah-based vendor offering workflow solutions, has created workflow automation opportunities. The primary product, known as Workfront, utilizes a platform-based approach for the development of workflows to be integrated for multiple technologies. It would bring a centralized workflow for many use cases. These tools would be included in the automation equation through the development of the foundation of the workflow. Along with workflow design, there are many considerations needed for achieving better automation. There are many elements including project templates, resource management, demand management, policies, and scripted actions should be considered. In addition, efficient workflow tools need to incorporate collaboration capabilities, task lists and reporting. 

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