New Machine Learning Presentations in Scala and Java

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New Machine Learning Presentations in Scala and Java

This article covers Machine Learning presentations from H2O and a number of useful Python libraries for working with big data.

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Today there were a number of interesting items I have found and recommend for viewing.  One is a lot of content from H2O's recent event, some Python libraries, and a few presentations.

H2O had a great conference in NYC recently all around their open source Machine Learning and Deep Learning platform that works with Hadoop and Spark. I have chosen some of the best slide presentations and videos below.

H2O Open Tour: NYC Videos

Useful Python Libraries

There were two other presentations that I found very interesting.  The first is High-Performance Interactive SQL Analytics and Machine Learning on Hadoop (HAWQ) Pivotal and Hortonworks  which is a deep dive on how to do SQL analytics with Apache HAWQ ontop of Hadoop.   The second is a very useful session on how to break up large applications and refactor them into microservices, Breaking the Monolith.

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