New Partnership Delivers Enhanced Driver Sensing

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New Partnership Delivers Enhanced Driver Sensing

A new partnership between Jabil and eyeSight Technologies is a leap forward for smart cars and will accelerate automakers' ability to usher in the driverless era.

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As we move inexorably towards a driverless future, each new generation of motor car comes equipped with an ever more extensive array of sensors and devices to make driving easier.

A sign of the direction of travel comes via a recent partnership between product solutions company Jabil and computer vision and deep learning specialist eyeSight Technologies.

The pair aims to develop the next generation of in-car sensing technology to provide extensive driver monitoring devices and even gesture controls. They each bring some unique capabilities to the table, with Jabil's optics capabilities meshing with eyeSights' computer vision abilities allowing them to both continuously assess the presence of the driver as well as the driver's awareness.

"Jabil's partnership with eyeSight Technologies supports automakers working to reduce accidents involving driver distraction," Jabil says. "The accuracy, intelligence and efficiency of the system we're developing will enable automakers to implement in-car sensing systems across all vehicle types."

The system will comprise a combination of hardware and software, and works to a sub-pixel level of accuracy that will allow a much more accurate level of driver monitoring. Not only is the system more accurate than previous iterations, it is also smaller, thus reducing the weight and footprint of the device inside the vehicle.

The scalable system, which can be integrated into existing cockpit electronics, uses time-of-flight and infrared capabilities to enable:

  • Driver identification: Facial recognition, gender, and age
  • Driver attentiveness: Head pose, posture, eyelid tracking, and mood
  • Driver distraction: Iris tracking, gaze tracking
  • Gesture control: Touch-free control of navigation, infotainment, HVAC, etc.

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