New Qualcomm Unit to Develop on Symbian, Android, and Chrome

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New Qualcomm Unit to Develop on Symbian, Android, and Chrome

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Qualcomm, a company known for CDMA technologies and the Snapdragon platform, has revealed plans to build a subsidiary focusing on open source mobile technologies.   The new subsidiary, which has been named "The Qualcomm Innovation Center" ( QuIC), will use open source software to drive the production of advanced mobile services.  Rob Chandhok, a Senior VP of CDMA technology, said that the engineers at QuIC "will focus on such important open source initiatives as Linux and Webkit, and on open source operating systems such as Symbian, Android and Chrome.”

The move makes sense for Qualcomm, a mobile innovator that built much of its reputation on the creation of IS-95 , the first CDMA-based digital cellular standard.  Juniper Research reports that 60 percent of the smartphone market is using an open source operating system.  The report also predicts that sales for smartphones with open source operating systems will double in the next four years.

The QuIC website is sparse for now, but Ron Chandhok is expected to reveal more about the new subsidiary at the Symbian Exchange and Exposition on October 28th.

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