New Refcardz Topics: Awesome or Lame?

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New Refcardz Topics: Awesome or Lame?

We're going to publish >30 new Refcardz this year. We want to make sure we're publishing what you need.

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We're going to publish >30 new Refcardz this year. We want to make sure we're publishing what you need. Let us know what new Refcardz you want to see. If you do nothing else with this article, just take this survey and let us know what technology/ies you'd like to see covered in a Refcard.

Wait, what are Refcardz?

We publish a new/updated peer-reviewed ~6pg reference card / cheat sheet every week. We've published 225 so far, not counting new versions that supersede the previous version (new Scrum Refcard supersedes the previous version; new Java EE 7 card doesn't, beause plenty of people still use EE 6). Every card is reviewed by two sets of peers: two or three representatives of the intended audience (experienced developers who aren't already expert in this particular technology) and two or three technical experts (who already specialize in the technology covered in the card).

Our goal for every Refcard is that -- once you've read it and every time you look back over it -- you'll be able to do something significant (related in software development) that you weren't able to do before. The mantra of the Refcardz series is: do something real.

What Refcards are you already planning to publish?

We've scoured out current Refcardz library, attended ~a dozen conferences, spoken with who-knows-how-many developers and executives, and assembled data from multiple Guide surveys to set a tentative publication calendar for 2016.

Here's the short, comma-delimited list: Raspberry Pi, Git (update), Swift, Kubernetes, Core CSS Series (update), Hibernate (update), JSON (update), Apache ActiveMQ, R, Design Patterns (update), Apache Maven 2 (update), Android Studio, Redis, Object-Oriented JavaScript (update), Apache Pig, Kanban (update), UML (update), Database Monitoring, MySQL (update), SOA Patterns (update), Cloud Migration, HTTP (update), Regular Expressions (update), Reactive Programming, Spring Configuration (update), Shell, Continuous Integration: Servers and Tools (update), Core Java Concurrency (update), Pair Programming, Apache httpd (update).

Hum. Those are pretty conservative choices. I have a bunch of better ideas.

Good bet! So here are some more. Let us know what you think. Feel free to suggest as many new topics as you want. And if you'd like to write a Refcard, contribute as one of our technical reviewers, or just offer any kind of feedback, include your email address in the survey and we'll get back to you.

Take the survey and get the Refcardz you want!

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