New Refcardz Topics: Awesome or Lame?

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New Refcardz Topics: Awesome or Lame?

Let us know which Refcardz you'd like us to publish.

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We've published over 200 Refcardz, and we'll be updating a ton over the next six months. The aim of the Refcadz line is to fill (what we see as) a gap in free learning materials available on the web: 'something for experienced developers who don't know this particular technology, who aren't actually going to read the whole manual/book right now, and who want to be able to do something real after reading just 5-8 pages'..and to do so at the highest possible level of quality (including two-round peer review).

So to help us serve you better: what new Refcardz would you like us to publish?

(We've prepopulated a few options but feel free to suggest any topic you'd like to see in the Refcardz format.)

Poll is embedded below, but go here if the embed doesn't work.

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