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New Releases of Mylyn and Tasktop

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New Releases of Mylyn and Tasktop

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Today Mylyn 3.1 and Tasktop Pro 1.4 will be released, with a set of new features.  Mylyn has become one of the most popular plugins in the Eclipse eco-system, with founder Mik Kersten recognised as one of the leading ambassadors in the community. With more integrations added in for this release, Mylyn & Tasktop take another step into being the most useful organisational tool on your desktop.

Ranking high in the list of highly anticipated features in Tasktop has been the ability to automate time tracking using any of the issue trackers included, such as Bugzilla, helping the developer to focus on the work to hand, and not worry about filling in timesheets.  For Bugzilla and JIRA, times can be uploaded directly to the server from Tasktop.  The user retains full control to update times as needed to account for meetings etc. before uploading.

There’s also integration available to Microsoft Exchange server, and threaded mail conversations. Mylyn, the open source part of Tasktop, has included wiki markup editing for tasks and user guides.

If you’re not up to speed on your wiki syntax, don’t worry – Mylyn provides a cheatsheet through the F1 key

“With Mylyn, we have laid the foundation for ALM integrations with the Eclipse IDE.” Said Mik Kersten, CEO of Tasktop Technologies and Mylyn project lead. “This release of Tasktop demonstrates the breadth of ALM solutions that now support the task-focused interface’s benefits such as offline editing and the focusing features that make it so much easier for developers to work on large systems. It also shows how making tasks central to the IDE enables new developer productivity features such as automatic time tracking. The ecosystem of Mylyn integrations is starting to create a network effect where productivity gains are multiplying as more tools and languages are integrated with the task-focused interface.”

There are a number of other enhancements  to Mylyn, such as more streamlined UI features in the task list and full internationalization through the Eclipse Babel project.

Tasktop now integrates better with your desktop, by allowing easy activation of recently active tasks from the system tray. 

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