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New Relic Releases Suprising New Browser Benchmarks and a Free Tool

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New browser benchmarks claim that the way to get the fastest page loads is to buy a Mac, download Chrome, and move to the Netherlands! These results come from New Relic, an analytics tooling provider, who announced their new real user monitoring tool as part of their performance management services on Tuesday. The new real user monitoring is a free service for New Relic users that measures page load times across several different browsers, different browser versions, the user's operating system, and the user's geographic location. The service is SaaS based and conveniently launches in a browser to track the user's experience by monitoring:

  • Transactions
  • Javascript rendering speeds
  • and network latency—all from the user’s perspective

Beyond providing this data, the new service allows you to locate bottlenecks in the front end, the app, or in connected systems. Recently, New Relic ran a test across 50 million pages to see which combination of browser, operating system, and user location had the fastest page loads.  The following infographic shows the complete results across several browsers in their Mac and Windows forms in locations around the world.



I found it very surprising that the windows version of Windows lagged so far behind the Mac version. It is also interesting to note that despite having one of the slower page load times, IE 8 is the most widely used browser. The new real user monitoring and the rest of the New Relic analytical tools require a New Relic account and at least a standard subscription.

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