New Rosette API Brings Basis Technology’s Multilingual Text Analysis to the Next Level

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New Rosette API Brings Basis Technology’s Multilingual Text Analysis to the Next Level

Text analysis is a powerful tool when it comes to understanding big data. The Rosette API has been released to help bring some multilingual text analysis power to going through big data. Check out where it is currently used and what it can do!

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Text analysis technology has become key to verifying identity, understanding customers, anticipating world events, and even uncovering crime. It also poses some of the biggest challenges of big data. Basis Technology, a leader in multilingual text analytics for more than twenty years, has recently released the Rosette API to address these challenges, allowing API users to customize their text analysis environment and use models specifically tailored to industry use cases.

Rosette is already widely used in large organizations including Airbnb, Luminoso, Recorded Future, Tamr, and Yelp to agencies across the US intelligence community to solve a variety of critical language processing challenges including things from search and social media to national security and financial compliance. The new Rosette API adds even more advanced capabilities to existing offerings — sentiment analysis, relationship extraction, and document categorization — and puts it all in the cloud. It represents the next iteration of applying artificial intelligence to understanding human language.

Natural language processing enables essential features across countless applications. Rosette API makes this technology accessible to developers working in the most popular development platforms, speeding products to market. 
– Gregor Stewart, VP of Product Management

The Rosette API provides an impressive range of analysis capabilities:

  • Morphological Analysis – the base of the stack, includes lemmatization (a linguistic process which identifies a word’s base form), decompounding, and part-of-speech identification
  • Entity Extraction and Entity Linking – identifies people, places, and organizations and connects them to real-world usage
  • Name Matching and Name Translation – extends across multiple cultures, scripts, and languages
  • Relationship Extraction – discovers how people, places, and organizations relate across multiple documents
  • Sentiment Analysis – reveals feelings about products from sources like tweets
  • Categorization – automatically organizes documents into a taxonomy
  • Language Identification – identifies language boundaries within documents

Sign up for a free trial and explore the full power of Rosette API’s language analytics on the Rosette API developer portal.

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