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New Security Concept – Focus on Good

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New Security Concept – Focus on Good

In this quick article, we discuss how one company is working to reduce vulnerabilities through apps that adhere to conforming standards.

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Great talking to Simon Taylor, VP of Sales for Glasswall. Simon spent several years as the head of IT for HSBC in the Americas. As such, he’s seen his share of security solutions.

More than 90% of hacks start with someone clicking on a document in an email. Glasswall has proven they can eliminate this threat vector by making sure documents are “good” versus “bad.”

Every Microsoft document, PDF, or JPEG has conforming standards. Eighty percent of all malware in PDFs is buried in the structure of the PDF. Glasswall breaks down every attachment, compares it to its public standard, removes non-conforming elements, and provides the content and the format to the recipient as intended – all in milliseconds.

Rather than focusing on bad documents that have infinite possibilities, Glasswall focuses on the good which has well-defined standards that rarely change (e.g., .doc to .docx).

Glasswall sits within the SMTP mail stream between the email gateway and mail server so that if a document makes it to your inbox, you know it’s safe. They also provide a core engine for web APIs as well as an SDK.

By dealing with malicious documents, there’s no need for phishing training which isn’t very effective. Also, security professionals are able to focus on other threat vectors and solutions.

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