New Slideshare: 8 Ways to Personalize Your App (in Under 30 Minutes)

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New Slideshare: 8 Ways to Personalize Your App (in Under 30 Minutes)

Make it easier to keep users engaged in your mobile app by adding some personal touches.

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Let’s face it, app user retention is a constant, uphill battle. Sometimes it seems like there is no rhyme or reason to why users churn, and it’s frustrating. And since we can’t nail down the precise reason every single user churns (even though we have strong ideas), we need to be proactive in our efforts to mitigate it.

Cue personalization. We did our research and found that app users not only want, but expect, a truly personalized experience each time they engage with your app. This is because as the app world advances, its users have become accustomed to timely, relevant, and customized  interactions designed to fit into their daily lives.

Personalization humanizes the mobile experience. People prefer individualized interactions, even when those interactions are digital. By personalizing your app’s experience, you’re able to break down the technological barrier and make a strong connection with your end user. How? Personalization allows you to give mobile users what they want and when they want it. And this can lead to powerful results. In fact, a study done by HubSpot found that 68% of marketers say personalization based on behavioral data has a high impact on ROI, and 74% say it has a high impact on engagement. These are pretty compelling numbers. And if you think about it from the user perspective, it’s not surprising.

Imagine how much value users would get if you sent them a push message with a deal or event relative to their location? Not only are you connecting with them on a personal level, but you’re also adding value. And while there are many in-depth ways to personalize your app, we focus on some quick wins like this example to get you on the straight and narrow. 

So take a look at the SlideShare below to see where you can get started. And remember, as long as you’re not being creepy, it’s ok to get personal.


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