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New Software Makes AJAX Development Easy


[ANNOUNCEMENT]  Simplica® Corporation has just released the latest version (1.1.6) of its ECruiser® AJAX software.  The new ECruiser® solution allows any developer with basic HTML and Java skills to build sophisticated AJAX applications in a fraction of the time compared to other techniques.
AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a programming technique that allows developers to build browser-based applications with the richness and responsiveness of desktop applications.  AJAX also offers a key advantage in that it runs in any modern browser using only its native capabilities (no plug-ins, no applets, etc.).

Many tools for creating AJAX applications require developers to implement a lot of low-level programming with JavaScript and XML.  Simplica’s CEO, Marcus Rabil, summarizes this problem: “The dirty little secret about most AJAX solutions is they are either directly or indirectly programming  the whole user interface in JavaScript, which is slow, difficult to debug, and plagued with cross-browser inconsistencies. ECruiser® lets developers build an entire application without writing a single line of JavaScript or XML.  Our customers simply define their user interfaces with plain HTML and special component tags that completely encapsulate the AJAX functionality.  And, the application’s business logic is written with simple Java objects, not by more complicated XML web services.”

Rich Internet applications are not just good for users, but they also provide key benefits to company IT departments.  The full-page refreshing and rudimentary UI components of traditional web applications made it impractical to deploy business-critical software anywhere except on individual desktops.  Using ECruiser® and AJAX, enterprise software companies can offer their customers the option of centrally-managed servers. 

Vance Kershner, President of LabWare® -- the world’s leading supplier of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) -- describes how his development team uses ECruiser: “LabWare's goal was to create a web interface to our client/server product that does not compromise the users' experience.  We found ECruiser was the only AJAX solution on the market that allowed us to achieve the goal with zero-footprint in the browser.”

 ECruiser® is also fully compliant with the most recent Java Enterprise Edition standard for building web applications -- JavaServer™ Faces.  This means that developers are not locked into a monolithic system, and are free to mix and match other vendor or open source components with ECruiser®.  

Simplica® Corporation’s mission is to create world-class software that makes business applications better for users and developers.  With offices in the United States and Europe, Simplica has been serving the needs of large multi-national companies, software developers, and independent software vendors since 1999.


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