New Software Suite Manages, Migrates, and Protects Large Data Assets Across the Information Lifecycle

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New Software Suite Manages, Migrates, and Protects Large Data Assets Across the Information Lifecycle

StorageX Drives Operational Efficiencies, Mitigates Security Risk While Slashing Migration Time and Cost by More than 50%

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Data Dynamics, Inc., a leader in storage management solutions for unstructured data, today announced new software modules as part of the StorageX unified platform which enables the agile discovery, analysis, optimization and management of large data assets across the information lifecycle. StorageX 7.8, includes enhanced migration capabilities as well as new data protection features. The result is a unified, data management suite that delivers true data mobility and helps customers painlessly manage and protect large volumes of information across on-premises and public cloud storage infrastructures while mitigating the risk of security breaches.

In addition, the company is delivering an Enterprise Integration Software Developer Kit (SDK) giving customers and partners the ability to transparently integrate the StorageX policy-based engine into enterprise applications to automate and streamline data mobility operations to empower line of business owners to manage their critical information assets across the business lifecycle.

“Line of business owners are demanding ways to seamlessly and intelligently manage their critical information assets from cradle to grave while taking advantage of the benefits and value of next-generation cloud infrastructures,” said Cuong Le, vice president of marketing, Data Dynamics. “By integrating the StorageX policy engine into their enterprise applications, organizations now have the power in their hands to manage their data across the lifecycle and align data value to storage QoS.  This agility drives business efficiencies that add to the bottom line.”

StorageX SDK Powers Intelligent Enterprise Applications for Data Mobility

The StorageX SDK enables enterprise applications to use the StorageX policy engine  to intelligently optimize and manage their data.  The result is a unified, unstructured data management platform that offers true data mobility and helps application owners painlessly manage large volumes of information across on-premises and public cloud storage infrastructures from creation to archival for data mobility and quality of service.

The StorageX SDK provides a variety of use cases and benefits for enterprise management applications such as service level monitoring applications that trigger automated data management actions such as data workload rebalancing to address performance or capacity issues. IT asset management applications to proactively move data off of legacy systems that are nearing end of life. Integrate data mobility capabilities into self-service portals giving line of business a seamless and transparent way to manage the lifecycle and placement of their data assets. 

StorageX Data Protection Module

StorageX Data Protection Module delivers heterogeneous replication across SMB and NFS file storage resources, the module provides high availability and business continuity of the data by reducing the time and cost of DR and outages. With options from simple replication, multiple target replication, cascading replication or for even the most complex replication topologies, the StorageX Data Protection Module enables DR readiness across a heterogeneous environment on an on-going basis.

StorageX DFS Protection Suite

For full business continuity of Microsoft DFS resources, StorageX also features a DFS Protection Suite which includes Data Protection, Disaster Recovery, Namespace Backup and Namespace Availability Module for DFS environments that monitors availability of file storage resources and alerts when outages occur. The solution delivers DFS namespace backup and availability features which enable users to failover and failback namespaces for complete DR preparedness. Offering a suite of DR policies, the StorageX module can initiate failover from primary to secondary storage based on user defined triggers. It also supports NetApp SnapMirror for replication – creating, initiating and breaking the replication and initiating failover when needed.

Data Insight Analytics and Migration Optimization

Today more than 38% of all migration projects fail due to error prone, manual intensive processes. StorageX removes the guesswork and risk associated with manual migrations with its intelligent, policy-based management engine that delivers 66% faster migrations, 99.9% risk mitigation and a savings of more than 50% over manual and silo-based migration tools. 

To simplify the creation of policies to drive change for governance and optimization,  the StorageX Data Insight Analytics and Optimization features collect file metadata information and statistics and provide insights on data type, data lifecycle and access control exposures. A new File Storage Resource Change Report gives administrators greater visibility into changes made to the filers to support planning for data mobility and transformation projects. The report tracks file data changes from sources to destinations during migration processes and audits changes post-migration to ensure readiness for filer disposal.

In addition, a new Policy Simulation Mode simulates the run of a Data Movement Policy to scan the file system and gather key statistics on what would happen during a data migration, archive, copy or incremental copy run. This validates and verifies the design of the policy and estimates the data migration requirements based on files, file sizes and actions.


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