New Solution Enables Enterprises to Speed DevOps Adoption

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New Solution Enables Enterprises to Speed DevOps Adoption

New API management solution, microservices architecture, and deployment best practices streamline full API lifecycle.

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Axway, a market leader in digital business enablement, has extended its API Management suite to help organizations rethink traditional IT processes and rapidly introduce new digital services. The new Axway API Management Plus solution simplifies management and enhances security across the full API lifecycle. It enables developers, IT security professionals and enterprise architects to quickly and efficiently take advantage of DevOps best practices, master API development and build microservices with built-in policy enforcement.

Organizations across the world are faced with a perfect storm of business and technological change as digital technologies are increasingly woven throughout every facet of society. To help organizations achieve the agility and efficiency needed to be successful in this new digital reality, Axway has introduced Axway API Management Plus to enable customers to capitalize on the latest developments in DevOps and microservices.

Axway API Management Plus provides an all-in-one solution that drives speed and efficiency across the full API lifecycle from creation and management to consumption and analytics. It is the result of the integration of the Axway API Management solution with Arrow, part of Axway’s acquisition of Appcelerator in January, expanding Axway’s ecosystem to more than 880,000 developers globally. 

“Now more than ever before, organizations have first-hand proof how disruptive innovation can be for their traditional business models. Yet, they have been slow to transform rigid architectures and development processes to meet rapidly shifting user expectations,” said Jeanine Banks, executive vice president, global products and solutions, Axway. “By using Axway API Management Plus to wire up the complete API lifecycle and leveraging the combined strength of our partners, API development teams can take advantage of DevOps best practices and services to collaborate on projects. Now, they can shrink release cycles from months down to weeks or even days, improving both agility and quality.”

Axway API Management Plus allows teams to work in parallel on API policies and to quickly build APIs and Microservices, supporting massive scale in an elastic Node.js based environment. Embracing this approach speeds up delivery of complete OAuth and OpenID connect coverage, decreases time-to-market and multiplies the number of deployments while drastically reducing the risk of error. In addition, Axway API Management Plus enables customers to securely manage the full digital experience through robust capabilities that span cloud, on premises, or hybrid IT environments. 

“Automating API deliveries in a cloud agnostic and scalable way, including the ability to customize shipped Cookbooks, is the new foundation for a DevOps-ready solution which will significantly improve time to market for digital innovation,” said Ken Cheney, vice president of business development, Chef. “We are excited that Axway selected Chef as the foundation to deliver these capabilities.”

“Embracing best practices and adopting a DevOps model allows organizations to reach the next level of velocity and quality in their API lifecycle,” said Divakar Tantravahi, Chief Executive Officer, Innominds Software Inc., an Axway System Integration partner. “The Axway API management solution offers adopters the right transition to reach the next level of maturity required by digital initiatives at an enterprise scale, and Innominds accelerates the API adoption for enterprises.”

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