New Solution Offers Fast, Uncomplicated VPS for Devs in Minutes

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New Solution Offers Fast, Uncomplicated VPS for Devs in Minutes

VMKings just launched its VPS solution aimed at targeting pain points for devs, including scalability, speed, and reliability.

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VMKings, a cloud provider for developers, recently launched its VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting solution. Due to the private nature of the VPS technology, developers can now be the administrators of their solution without having to worry about maintenance. The solution is customizable, can be upgraded instantaneously, and scaled to match user needs. 

Cloud Computing for Developers, By Developers

While other cloud solution providers (CSPs) offer generalized services to all sectors, VMKings targets the software research and development industry with specialized offerings catered to the needs and requirements of the developer community.

“As developers, we saw the industry lacked a solution that catered to the varying workloads of development environments we maintained. A standard virtual server was often provided too much or too little space than was required,” said Walid Elemary, vice president, VMKings. “Sometimes we had to add additional security layers, or an acquired server wouldn’t support the Linux OS we utilized for projects. Other times there wasn’t enough throughput available, or a slow network hindered our ability to meet deadlines. These challenges resulted in delayed output, added project costs, lower margins, and a lot of embarrassment.”

VMKings eliminates these challenges and more by providing a faster, uncomplicated VPN solution that caters to a developer’s need to maintain multiple environments. Benefits include:

  • VPS for all projects – as a full-fledged server administrator, a user can choose the distribution and framework that best suits their project. Choose from the most stable versions of CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, and more. The hosting adapts itself to the preferences of the user, not vice versa.
  • Quick deployment – customers can spin up a server and obtain root access in minutes. Users can select from many available product options and see the server provisioned within minutes from a simple ordering interface.
  • Scalable and flexible resources – VPS is a dynamic hosting service. The customer first establishes a base value for the performance, and if their activities grow with time, they can enhance and scale to match their needs. In addition to the environment, users can select a suitable configuration for their VPS with varying combinations of memory, RAM, and disk resources. These turnkey servers are immediately available and ready for use.
  • Reliability of services – with 99.9% SLA, VPS provides the must-have reliability critical for applications or websites, allowing users to reap the benefits and advantages that a virtualization solution provides. Additionally, VMKings’ virtual servers ride on enterprise-grade hypervisor technology at the backend, further adding to the solution’s stability and reliability.
  • Super-fast resources – blazing fast enterprise-grade solid state disks (SSDs) for optimal storage performance and high throughput to manage IOPS extensive applications, and a 40 gigabit fault tolerant network with multi-regional datacenter support provides a premium experience for every user.

Additional features include:

  • A robust and simple-to-use control panel that can power on/off, reboot, modify password, and view server configuration
  • Free choice of operating software (supports all Linux distributions)
  • Complete root access to servers
  • KVM hypervisors
  • Server statistics
  • 24/7 user support with a live person

A Controlled Investment

Starting at $6/month, VMKings’ VPS solution offers multi-site support, making it possible to host multiple projects at a very attractive price. Users can adapt VPS to their needs at any time, and since VPS is a virtual solution, there are no maintenance related costs or worries.

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