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The New Tactics of Search Engine Optimization

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The New Tactics of Search Engine Optimization

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As the last few years have flown by the Internet Marketing industry has evolved and changed drastically. Search Engine Optimization in particular has been tossed and turned by the ever-changing currents of Google’s algorithm. An industry that once could be dominated by simply optimizing content and pointing links to a website, has now become an ever changing puzzle.

The Panda and Penguin Updates with their subsequent refreshes have forced Internet Marketers and specifically SEOs to take a more natural approach to optimizing and link building. The idea of optimizing a site and throwing a large quantity of links at a specific keyword now can lead to penalties, and so a more quality approach has been the new trend within the industry.

Online marketers are now focused on creating fresh and engaging content on site, while looking to acquire high quality and relevant back-links offsite. This has lead many to find new tactics to efficiently back-link on a larger scale. One of the leading tactics is that of building in house private SEO resources. SEO resources or assets are typically websites that are owned by SEO companies or contractors to aid in their ability to create quality back-links.

These websites are bought from others or acquired through auctions and usually boast high PageRank and great link quality. The sites are rebuilt with original content and then used as a resource to build back-links for clients. The benefit of these resources are that the owner has complete control over website content, Google PageRank, website back-links, site usability, hosting, and out bound links. In other words the owner of the SEO resources can ensure the quality of the back-links they send to client websites.

This tactic has been a trend over the past six months and one that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Companies are opting to build networks so they can avoid penalties associated with Google algorithm changes, while still having a scalable link building option for their clients. Many vendors have sprung up like Seorce.com to fulfill the needs of companies and contractors who are looking to create a network of SEO assets, but don’t want to sacrifice the resources or salaries involved with building a network in house.

With many marketers trying to find back-links that can provide value over time the need for new and higher quality SEO tactics is ever increasing. SEO resources can provide a scalable long-term solution for quality link acquisitions. Whether you chose to build a few SEO resources or an entire network this new tactic can be a great long-term strategy for building high quality backlinks that carry significant SEO value for client websites.

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