New Tech for LINQ Access to HBase and Hadoop

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New Tech for LINQ Access to HBase and Hadoop

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You may ask why you would want to access HBase from .NET.  Well the truth is that Hadoop and the closely coupled NoSQL database, HBase, are built in Java and really, that's the most seamless language option when you have to write code for the de facto MapReduce framework.  

HBase is currently accessed through Java client libraries, and .NET interoperability tools from Microsoft just aren't cutting it, says Wayne Citrin, CTO of JNBridge.  He and his company are experts on this sort of thing. For a while they've been working on an idea using JNBridge technology for in-process interop.  An idea to bring the Hadoop ecosystem to .NET developers in a better way.

A few months ago they released a JNBridge Lab that gave .NET devs the ability to create .NET based Mappers and Reducers.  Essentially making C# and VB first class citizens in Hadoop.

Today they've released a new lab that can map LINQ Access to HBase.  Before today, HBase couldn't handle a cross platform (non-Java API using) solution for things like front-end data queries.  So LINQ and HBase were not compatible.

But as Wayne Citrin explains “With this lab, once the LINQ provider is written, developers can simply write LINQ queries without needing to know anything about HBase and Hadoop.  This lab fills an enormous gap in the market. Heterogeneous teams won’t have to cross-train to access Hadoop. There’s nothing else out there today that currently does this.”

Here are some diagrams and points that clarify what this new lab is all about:

If you're curious to learn more about JNBridge tech, you can check out this guide or try out the free download.


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