New Trends in App Development for 2017

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New Trends in App Development for 2017

With the mobile market growing exponentially, concerns like data storage and security arise. Read about these and other trends in mobile development for 2017.

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Mobile phones, which only a few years ago served us exclusively to call and send messages, have evolved into essential everyday tools, mutating into small windows to the world with a multitude of functions and applications. One of the most remarkable aspects of these devices are the apps, specific software that serves to execute thousands of different actions and whose development is at its best. Although we could relate their usage to users, according to data from Clutch, in 2017 approximately 47% of small businesses will have an app in their business. Its integration is a fact, and that is why it is interesting to know the trends related to mobile and apps that will mark this year.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

It is very difficult for anyone who has followed the 2016 trends in the apps and gaming market to ignore the repeated incidence of the terms "virtual reality" (VR) and "augmented reality" (AR). Pokémon Go was without a doubt the application that represents the potential of this type of applications, with many ways ahead for its development and debugging, but with an undoubted hook in the audience. On the other hand, virtual reality is adding adaptations with new devices for their enjoyment, where applications have undoubtedly had a decisive role in integrating new models of leisure among users. It is a field that will undoubtedly continue to be explored throughout 2017.

Mobile Acceleration

The Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP, project has not come about without reason; the need to accelerate the loading of websites on mobile devices is pressing because of the huge use of these devices among users. AMP is the open source initiative dedicated precisely to publishers being able to optimize content for mobiles, achieving loads much faster and undertaking an efficiently responsive model. This coupled with the new mobile search index that Google is prepared makes clear the importance of preparing the ground in this regard and establishing new terms in SEO and mobile app development.

Contents in the Cloud

Keeping our documents and images safe is an ongoing concern; the fact of using several devices such as smartphones, tablets or desktop computers throughout the day and accessing our updated files through all of them is something that the cloud is going to make easier. This is not only useful for organizing and managing work, but it will also alleviate the problem of the lack of space in the devices we use, since it will be possible to keep everything in sync. The primary role of these applications will be such that by 2019 they would drive 90% of total data traffic, although this upward trend will be seen throughout 2017 as well.

Notebook Accessories in the Spotlight

The growing interest in those devices that we carry with us and that are part of our daily routines is linked to the applications that monitor their function. Clear examples of this are smart bracelets, which include various functions from which we can check our smartphones. The trend to incorporate apps that control our habits to improve our routines (food, sports) is another trend that will continue, not only this year but in the next. According to the IDC (International Data Corporation), business associated with the portable market will experience an annual increase of 20.3% to reach 213.6 million units sold in 2020.

Caring for Safety

A study by Hewlett Packard Enterprise in 2016 provides some insightful data: 52.1% of apps have access to geolocation data, 11.5% access personal contact schedules, and 16.3% access calendar information. If we take into account that 94.8% of applications require passwords and logging methods to access, it is normal for the security issue to be presented as a primary thing to keep our information safe from other people's eyes. To prevent hackers from taking advantage of any gap in the security of the apps, it will be necessary that more effective methods to prevent possible intrusion are introduced little by little.

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