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New Version of Codelect.net - Applicants' Online Testing is Released


We have just released a new version of our applicants' testing service.

The new version will allow users to create their own custom tests based on the technical topics which interests them most. In addition, they can tune the difficult level in each topic and set the number of question in each topic. 

Why use Codelect.net ?

The problem today

The recruitment process for technical positions has become increasingly challenging over the years. With the number of technologies growing by the day, candidates are expected to have mastered more than a handful of technologies, including programming languages, open sources, databases, operating system scripting languages...and more.
When many people apply for every programming position you list, finding the top candidates can be difficult – and it takes up far too much valuable company time. 
What if you could cut to the chase? What if there was a way to identify, in a snap, the truly skilled candidates?

There is a way

Codelect.net applicants' testing service enables you to easily test your candidates and let you know who the truly skilled programmers are. And best of all – the tests are customized to your specifications.

Real-world expertise built into every question

Our Question Bank is developed and continually reviewed and renewed by a community of more than 100 IT professionals, all with specialized knowledge in their field. That means our questions are informed by real-world, upto-the-minute expertise – so they measure the skills your employees will need.

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